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It is not easy nowadays to find an artisan business that has proudly arrived to the fourth generation. The firm Fratelli Traversari is one of the few firm that it continues an artisan tradition born at the end of the XIX century.

The history of the Firm Fratelli Traversari begins in Florence with the founder Arturo around 1870 when it was only a small souvenirs shop on via Ser Ventura Monaci, in the zone Piazza Ferrucci, but already specialized in high quality custom-made on micromosaic jewellery.

Traversari Arturo
Founder Arturo Traversari

From 1944 activity passes in the hands of the two children of Arturo, Alfredo and Aldo (from here the name Fratelli Traversari) that , on via Pindemonte, continues with success the production of earrings, rings, pins, bracelets, frames and crosses in micromosaic.

This technique, born in Rome at the end of 1701, it uses instead of the traditional plotting square, the so-called “teghe” (thin sticks in glass spun enamel of various forms and colors) made by placing in a special oven some plates of Murano glass. Thanks to the ability of the spinner, they are melted together to draw different cromie and shaped in various forms: plates, rose petals, daisy petals, miosotis, leaves and many others.

Then the business moves to via Lorenzo Bellini and from the seventies the direction passes to the hands of the son of Alfredo, Franco, who was only 25 when he started the production of pictures in micromosaico, in cut glass and in commesso fiorentino in hard stones.

For mosaics creation the shop has a narrow number of qualified collaborators that allowed the firm to grow and to reach a high-level of quality.

Letizia Traversari – Micromosaic processing

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