Mosaic in Enamel Glass
Hard Stones Mosaic

Our factory is specialized in artistic mosaic production and costume jewellery with micromosaic from the late nineteenth century, continuing proudly a long artisan family tradition.

With time we have more and more sought the quality of our mosaics both regarding the materials and the technique used, reaching a high quality level. Our mosaics are completely hand made and produced with three different techniques:

Our production also includes silver and gilded brass costume jewellery with spun enamel glass micromosaic (earrings, rings, pins, bracelets, pendents, pill boxes, frames, crosses) and costume jewellery in hard stone mosaic (pendents, pins, earrings).

We are able to reproduce in mosaic portraits, works of art and table tops; we deal in micromosaics restoration too. We have customers all over the world that appreciate our mosaics, unique pieces and totally handcrafted.